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Selling Your Web Hosting Company? We can Help!

Are you thinking about retiring or stepping away from the hosting industry? can be your trusted partner, offering a seamless exit strategy, competitive price, and a smooth transition for your customers. We specialize in acquiring small, medium, and large-sized web hosts and resellers.

We understand the value you've built in your company, and we honor your hard work with a fair market offer. Get a free valuation to see what your business is worth today. See how we've successfully transitioned other hosting companies:

Why Choose SkyNetHosting as your buying Partner?

With over 20 Years of experience, we've seamlessly integrated numerous hosting companies into our network. Your customers will continue to experience the excellent service they've grown accustomed to, while you'll gain the peace of mind knowing your legacy is in good hands.

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How does our Acquisition process work?



Step 1 : Transparent Valuation Process

We understand selling your web hosting business is a big decision. That's why we provide a straightforward and stress-free valuation process. Our team of experts will delve into your company's success story, considering not just the finance, but also your loyal customers, industry knowledge, and market potential. This deep dive ensures we craft an offer that captures the full worth of your business.

Getting started is simple: share a few key details about your company, and we'll get back to you with a fast, accurate offer.

Here's what we'll need:

1. Financials: 3-year annual sales/income, profit/loss, and revenue breakdown.
2. Operations: Years in business, churn rate, customer demographics.
3. Tech Stack: Hosting platforms, control panels, billing software, operating systems.
4. Sale Rationale: Reason(s) for selling and Owner / Company Location.
5. Other Relevant Details: Additional information aiding valuation and transaction

Transparency is key! The more you share, the faster we can deliver an offer that reflects the incredible business you've built.


Step 2 : Streamlined Acquisition Process

We know that acquisitions can feel overwhelming. To ease your concerns, SkyNetHosting.Net Inc's acquisition process is fast, hassle-free, and easy. In most cases, you'll have an offer in hand within 24 to 48 Hours of submitting your information.

Our expert legal team will handle all contracts and legalities, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption for you and your customers.


Step 3 : Hassle-Free Migration to

If your worried about website downtime during a provider change? Breathe easy! We prioritize a smooth migration process, minimizing interruptions to your business. Our expert team will manage the entire process, securely transferring your websites and data to our powerful infrastructure. This guarantees top-notch website performance and keeps your data safe and sound.

Exit with Confidence

When you sell your web hosting business to SkyNetHosting.Net, you can focus on the next chapter with peace of mind, knowing your customers are well cared for and your legacy continues as part of our growing network.

Ready to Talk?

We're confident is the perfect fit for your company's future. Contact us today at acquisition[@] and let's discuss how we can make your exit from the hosting industry a smooth and rewarding experience.

Benefits of selling your business to :



SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. will do our best to provide custom configurations for your web hosting clients, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. SkyNet will never try to fit our configurations into your hosting plans. Your customers will continue to receive top-notch support 24/7.
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. offers fair market value for your company, recognizing your contributions to your web hosting business.
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. prioritize minimizing downtime for your customers during transition, ensuring they continue to receive exceptional service.
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. does not require you to sell your office equipment, servers, or software licenses with your business. We also handle all the legal aspects, making the process hassle-free and simplified for you.
SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. will work directly with you so you can avoid the 10-20% business broker fees. Most importantly, our approach to acquiring companies is not just for profit or to take advantage of your company's assets to grow ours. At SkyNet, we care about your company the same way we care about our customer base and brand.
In addition to all these, your company will benefit from's industry expertise and growth focus.
You can relax knowing your legacy is in good hands. We'll ensure a smooth handover, allowing you to focus on your future endeavors with confidence.


Testimonial From Our Acquisition Partners!

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I'm Rob Walker or as most folks online know me, Aussie Bob, the Founder of Selling my hosting business to SkyNet Hosting was a breeze, professional, and stress-free. SkyNet team impressed me with their efficiency, minimizing downtime and making an offer that truly reflected the value of my company. The best part? SkyNet's CEO and I sealed the deal in Brisbane in less than 30 minutes over a cold beer 🍻. Choosing SkyNet Hosting was the best decision for me and my customers. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. to anyone thinking about selling their hosting business.

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