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FREE End-User Technical Support

End User Support!

You just take care of sales and we will take care of support! Our expert technicians will be available 24/7 to answer all your customers support request anonymously from your very own help desk. Our Reseller Plans comes with FREE End-User Support for all your customers. We can provide Fully branded support right from your very own help desk with your own brand name. Its Just like having your own 24/7 Dedicated Support Team for FREE! We Provide you with Premium Grade Help Desk ($549.95 Value FREE!) that integrate with any PC based browser or any Mobile Browser! We would also install the helpdesk and manage it for free.

How Does It Work?

We Provide & install Premium Grade Help Desk ($549.95 Value FREE!) at any given URL that you prefer (ex: When your customer open a ticket, our technicians will reply and resolve tickets making it seem as if someone from your company responded. You can also login to the helpdesk via admin view to check and manage tickets from your PC or your mobile phone. If you want you can even reply to your tickets and see exactly what your clients are inquiring about or the issues they are having and respond personally.

How Long will It Take To Setup?

Normally we can setup the support system within 24 hours. You can open a ticket to our help desk with your details to have your help desk installed and get things rolling.

How Do I Get Started?

Sign Up for any reseller plan that supports end user support, then you can enable end user support from SkyNetBilling.Com > Members Area > Services > View Available Addons > End-User Support

I Prefer to use the WHMCS Help desk?

Sure! Not a problem. Our Help desk fully integrate with WHMCS. Your customers can log any issues via WHMCS, as well as view the tickets, respond to them etc. Additionally, you can login to the support desk admin area and view our staff responses as well as respond to tickets yourself.