Overselling Enabled Reseller Hosting

Overselling enabled is where we take the amount of disk space and bandwidths ACTUAL USE between all your accounts. All reseller accounts have overselling enabled. You can also create unlimited hosting plans within your whm interface. This is best illustrated by following examples:

Overselling Disabled Reseller Account

Let say you have a reseller account with 1GB Space and 20GB Transfer. If you decided to offer plans such as 1 GB space and 10GB transfer to your clients, you will only be able to create 2 plans. Even if your clients were not using all of the space or bandwidth that they are allocated, no additional accounts can be created by the reseller account holder as all your disk space and bandwidth has been already allocated to the 2 clients.

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Overselling Enabled Reseller Account

Let say you have a reseller account with 1GB Space and 2GB Transfer. With overselling enabled, you could create as many accounts of any size without any restrictions. The only limit is on the total actual resource usage by your clients. Provided all of your clients accounts do not collectively use more than 1GB space or 20GB of bandwidth, you can continue to add more accounts.

Does this mean SkyNetHosting Net is Overloading their Servers?

Our clients get everything they pay for and sometimes even more, that is one of the main reasons that we have enabled overselling for our customers so they can actually use all of their allocated Storage and Bandwidth . Unfortunately, with Overselling Disabled Reseller hosting, the client can only use a fraction of what they pay for their provider. With SkyNet Hosting.Net, your disk space and bandwidth are allocated and reserved exclusively for you. This ensures that as your sites grow you won't ever hit a bottleneck. Guaranteed!

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Why Do Most Hosting Providers Turn OFF Overselling for Resellers?

With an Overselling Disabled Reseller Account you can only create VERY LIMITED NUMBER OF CLIENT ACCOUNTS. In other words, even if you are getting loads of disk space and bandwidth, you will only be able to use a fraction of it. Since you are only able use a fraction of the resources that you are getting, your hosting provider makes more profits by selling your unused resources to other resellers**(see note1). This is best illustrated by following examples

Profit When Overselling Enabled Vs. Disabled

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