Get a Free Domain Reseller Account with Reseller Plans - Wholesale Pricing!

SkyNetHosting.Net offers one of the Lowest Priced Domain Reseller Accounts FREE with Reseller Plans. Our $6.95/Year domain reseller account offers the most cheapest domain prices in the industry. With our Plugin to Configure your Domain Reseller with WHMCS Billing Software you can Instantly Start Selling Domains to your customers at an affordable price.Our system also supports sub-resellers so you can resell our domain reseller accounts to your resellers or customers with your own pricing and terms. The domain reseller accounts are completely white labeled and can be fully branded to your company name.

.com .net .org .info .biz
.us .eu .in .mobi .asia .name .tv .ws .bz .cc

What is a $6.95/Year Domain Reseller Account?

This is the Domain Reseller account which you get for free at the time you singup for ANY of our Reseller plans. The domain reselling panel (or the system) which you use to sell your domains, comes to you free of charge. The lowest price of a domain sold through the Domain Reselling Account will start from $6.95. Click here to know the prices.

Can I sell domains using WHMCS to my Customers?

Yes you can use your WHMCS system to sell domains to your customers

Is there a WHMCS Plugin?

Yes there is a WHMCS plugin and you can use the Domain Reselling account (which you get along with our reseller plans) and enable domain selling to be done automatically.

With this automation of domain selling, all your customer needs to do is make the payment and wait for the welcome email from your WHMCS system.

Do I get a control panel to manage my clients and their domains?

Yes, there is a control panel and you can use it to manage your clients and resellers.

Managing your products and services can also be done via the online control panel that we offer.

Do you charge a commission when I add funds?

No. We do not charge a commission.

Do you free private WHOIS?

Yes we offer private WHOIS for free and many other free addons. Click here to view more free services.

Are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees. All you need to pay is the amount according to the payment frequency you've chosen on sign up, for the particular reseller plan.

Whats the control panel I'm getting to manage domain clients?

Our Domain reselling accounts are powered by LogicBoxes, a company with solutions on registry and registrar of domains. They are recognized as a web product and consulting company that specializes in providing private labeled, web presence and communication applications to ICANN Registrars, Large Web Hosts, Domain Resellers, ISPs and Telcos.

The LogicBoxes platform currently powers: 8+ Million Domain Names, 100+ ICANN Accredited Registrars, Several Telcos and ISPs, 100,000+ Domain Resellers and Web Hosts.Learn more about LogicBoxes.