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Our USA and Worldwide C-Class IP hosting plans gives you the edge with your competition. The Class C IP hosting is the one of the best solutions when it comes to improve your link popularity by helping you to get the most juice from you incoming links. By using SEO IP's in marketing efforts, webmasters are able to get the best from their seo optimization techniques and improve search engine rankings!

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Create your own custom SEO Plan - Over 300 IP’s + 25 Global Data Centers

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Asia C-Class Multiple IP Hosting Plans

Host you blog network, doorway pagers, e-commerce website and forums with our Asian C-Class IP's. Our Asian Data Centers located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and India will give webmasters and businesses of the Asia region an instant boost in local Search Engine rankings in addition to the fast loading speeds for the Asian customers. With a population close to 5 million, and being the fourth largest financial centre in the world, our asian C-Class Hosting Plans will guarantee a speedy connection to that region of the globe.

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Global A-Class SEO Hosting Plans

There are only 127 A Class IP networks on the entire Internet world-wide! Therefore Google and other search engine algorithms focus only on different C-Class IP's for SEO and ranking purposes. Google will not focus on different A Class IP's as there's such a huge number of IP's in each A Class network (16 million IP's per each A-Class network) relative to the entire Internet. For this reason it would not result in meaningful data for Google and other search engines to use A Class IP's in their ranking matrix. A Class IP's are the most precious IP's in SEO Hosting and these are used mostly used by SEO specialists and SEO companies to host money sites.

Global B-Class SEO Hosting Plans

B-Class IP's are similar to A-Class IP's however in SEO hosting world they are rated less valuable than Class A IP's and have a higher value than Class C IP's. There are only 16,000 B-Class IP's on the entire Internet world-wide! From the way that the Google algorithms work, they only focus on different Class Cs for SEO and ranking purposes. Google will not focus on different Class Bs because a Class B is such a huge allocation of IP space relative to the entire Internet that it would not result in meaningful data for Google and other search engines to use in their ranking matrix.

Our SEO Hosting Features

Embedded in the webmaster is Multiple C-Class IP SEO Webhosting that makes it capable of hosting websites from a given control panel, in addition to assigning different C Class IPs to specific accounts. Note that every SEO hosting package plans does include branded name servers hosted on distinct C Class IP addresses.
C-Class SEO hosting enables you to get links from other sites you own. So if you own, say, 25 sites and all 25 of those sites link to a selected website it's great for SEO, right? Well, many people in SEO think that Google takes into consideration the C-Class IP the sites are hosted on and if they are all hosted on the same IP Google takes that into consideration and either discounts the links or possibly even penalizes you in cases where there are large link networks going on.
Same C-Class IP tends to suggest IP’s from the “same server” while deferent C-Class IP tends to suggest IP’s from “deferent servers”. Simply put, if you run multiple interlinked sites, then it is advisable that the sites have different IP addresses (deferent C-Class IP’s). If that is not the case, then setting up different sites that have more or less similar keyword structures and which link to each other will certainly get you flagged by Google spiders for suspicion and worse still, attract penalties on their rankings.
As SkyNetHosting.Net Inc, we have in the business of SEO-Hosting for the past 12 years now, and have an excellent track record to show for it. We can proudly claim our success in the industry for the past 20 Years, with SkyNetHosting.Net having received numerous positive reviews from all walks of customers. This explains why we are a favourite for many businesses as a reliable SEO hosting partner.
Here at SkyNet, we are so convinced that our SEO Plan prices are the best In the SEO Market! If you find any company offering a better deal than us, we will not only match the deal of our competitor, but we will also give you a further 10% off the price being offered by our competitor. Just contact our sales team with a link to the company offering a better deal than us!
Our Plans are targeted for legislate webmasters who wants to improve their Search Engine rankings. Offering large amount of SEO IP's will attract SE Spammers who use black-hat SEO techniques influence the SE rankings in a massive scale. At SkyNet we carefully use mix of SEO clients with normal clients on our servers. With these tactics we can proudly assure you that our IP's are 100% search engine friendly and not in anyway blacklisted by any of the search engines.
Normally in order to provide multiple C-Class IP's the hosts needs to maintain large IP pools which ad up as a overhead cost for your hosting plans. As an example sometimes a host needs to maintain IP pool of 1000 IP's just to provide you with 100 C-Class IP's. SkyNetHosting.Net being a main steam web hosting provider, we are able to use the remaining IP's of our SEO IP pool for our regular customers need such as installing SSL's. At SkyNetHosting.Net no IP's are wasted so we are able to offer our SEO Plans 5-6 times cheaper than our competitors.
All Reseller Plans Comes with Following Standard Features

Advance Features

Multiple PHP Versions (5.2 to 7.1)

Jail Shell

Cron Jobs

Ruby On Rails

MariaDB / MySQL / postgreSQL

FTP / SSL / SSI / Perl / Python


Advance Features

Hotlink Protection



Access & Error Logs

Custom Error Pages

Zend Optimizer / IonCube Loader

ImageMagick / GD2 / MIME

Email Features

SMTP/ POP3 / IMAP Accounts

Email Auto Responders / Mailing Lists

Roundcube, Horde, Squirrel Webmail

E-Mail Forwarders / Spamassassin

DKIM and SPF Control

MailChannels Cloud (for Selected Plans)

Domains & Statistics

Addon Domains

Parked Domains


AWstats / Webalizer

Raw Access Logs

Bandwidth Usage Logs


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