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Powerful Company Website Simplifying Your Selling!

Customize ANY Part on the Website to Your Need

Modify the look of your MyCompanyWeb to suit your business. With the help of the user friendly Web Host Manager Complete Solution (WHMCS), both website backend and the shopping cart can be easily modified to a greater deal.

Basic Edits: For basic edits in the code, use our online HTML editor and get the desired outcome.

Advance Modifications: Let it be the appearance or content on any page, use a code editor e.g.: Dreamweaver, Notepad, Notepad++ or any other which you are most comfortable with to do advance code modifications in HTML or CSS. If you have any image editing to do, use Photoshop for it as it’s an amazing image editing tool.

By logging in with the site's credentials we provide at the time of purchase, you can do the frontend modifications as mentioned above. logo customization

Readymade Content for Your Ease

  • JQuery Slider on the Home Page

    The slider on the home page of the site is developed using JQuery. The true advantage of having content displayed in such a manner is that, it not only gives an edge to the overall appearance but it also increases the amount the information you can convey to the website viewer as oppose to the amount you can with having a single image. More important content can be showcased within a small amount of space. In the MyCompanyWeb's slider we have information mainly concerning hosting plans: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting and SEO Hosting

  • Developed with Concentrating on SEO

    MyCompanyWeb is developed with search engine optimization policies in mind. The web pages are designed with minimal images and mainly concentrating on text. This results in speeding the website and SE friendly.

  • Display More Plans

    You get to choose a minimun of 3 and a maximum of 6 types of plans to display. These can be done either by having 3 columns in one table or having 2 tables of 3 columns. The option is there to even display more information where you might have just 3 sub plans (plan 1, plan 2, plan 3, like so) by having a more detailed table of three columns at the bottom; making it a complete page.

  • Browser Compatibility

    Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 have no issues in displaying content of MyCompanyWeb website as it is fully cross browser compaltible.

  • Online Chat

    The site provides the Online Chat facility, so that customers could easily get in touch with you. Online chat button can found on top of every page, just above the main navigation menu along with the "Account" button. When clicked on the button, the chat window which is at the bottom right corner of the page pops up. In case you or any of your agents are unable to be online, live online chat will take the customer′s message and the email address so you can get in touch later.

Integrated Shopping Cart

Customers can purchase products using the Shopping Cart which is easily undertandable and useable. To enhance the total shopping experience the shopping cart is equipped with many interesting features; one such feature is the intelligent product suggestion tool. Based on the current contents in the shopping cart of a particular customer, he/she is suggested with other products and services which they may want to consider buying. This will eventually lead to additional purchases increasing your revenue at the completion of a shopping process.

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Fully WHMCS Supported Backend

MyCompanyWeb has it's backend supported by WHMCS. It comes with a matching template which can be used in all back end pages of the website. In addition to MyCompanyWeb, the WHMCS software comes FREE with most of our reseller hosting plans

whmcs backend support

How to Get MyCompanyWeb to My Account? Easy!

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MyCompanyWeb - a complete website solution

Try MyCompanyWeb. A vibrant, 40 pages complete website solution with WHMCS backend support. Edit the template to your need and start selling within minuets.

Click here to know about how MyCompanyWeb works.

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